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Bigo Live Video Streaming App: How to Download for Free and Use: With over 200 million downloads over the globe, Bigo Live app (Bigo Live PC also) is climbing the new steps of success with every passing day. It is a live video streaming Android application that is taking the entire world, especially the South Asia by storm. Thousands of new people are continuously adding to its active user base with high hopes to get popular in their circle. Getting famous on the internet is without a doubt is heart-elevating, isn’t it?

Bigo Live App

What is Bigo Live App (Bigo Live PC)

As mentioned earlier, Bigo Live is actually a ‘Live Video Streaming’ Android application developed by Bigo Technology Private Limited several years ago. As soon as the app embarked on the Android platform, it witnessed a huge amount of positive response from users of all ages and occupation over the planet. Even it is most popular on PC as well people live to use Bigo Live PC.

Thanks to the cool features it offers and enables users to watch and stream HD videos, it has become one of the highest rated video streaming application in the Google Play Store. Rated 4.4 by almost 2 million users, most of its rating is five-stars submitted by over 1,400,000 users. Don’t think just try it yourself download Bigo Live Free or Bigo Live PC for free now.


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A Peek at Bigo Live App’s Additional Information

  1. Last Updated (Bigo Live App)

The creators of Bigo Live Android application make it a point to keep the app updated for up-to-date security, bug-fixes, enhanced performance, and appealing look. The app has been updated recently on March 19, 2018. That means, it is completely safe and sound for you to download right away. However, make sure you download it from the Google Play Store and not from any other third party’s website. [If any issues in mobile once can download Bigo Live PC free]

  1. Total Installs of Bigo Live App (Bigo Live PC)

Statistics on the Play Store suggest that the Bigo Live app has been downloaded somewhere between 100,000,000 to 500,000,000. However, internet resources indicate that it has already hit the number of 200 million and is slowly reaching to its next target, i.e. 300 million users.

  1. Bigo Live App: Current Version

The current version of Bigo Live app is 3.14.3 which gets changed with every new update. Since its inception on the Android store, the app has been updated several times.

  1. Minimum Android Version Requirement of Bigo Live App

If you are still having one of those earlier smartphones with an Android version less than 4.0, then beware, you might not be able to install Bigo Live App on your device. The Android version this app currently support is Android 4.0 and Up. Chances are, your device already has the updated version of the Android operating system and will meet the minimal requirements. That means, you probably will not face any issue.

  1. Content Rating of Bigo Live App

The content of Bigo Live App is rated 12+. That suggests that children need parental advice and guidance before using it. Today’s generation of kids are already a step ahead of their parents and they make majority of Bigo Live user base.

  1. Interactive Elements of Bigo Live App

Once a user logs in the Bigo Live App, he/she can interact in a number of ways including interaction with other users via chats, sharing location with friends and other random users, and making digital (in-app) purchases.

  1. How Much in-app Products Cost in Bigo Live

The cost of a certain item in Bigo live app depends on the level it entices the users. The cost of item ranges from $1 to $100. But, that doesn’t mean that one needs to pay in order to enjoy the app. Bigo Live is a Freemium App (Completely free to download and use with some in-app purchases upon choice).

  1. Which Permissions Bigo Live App Needs from Users?

Usually, every Android app requires a certain set of permissions in order to work elegantly. And Bigo Live is no different. While installing it on your device, you might be wondering that Why Bigo Live App is Asking for so many permissions? But you need not worry. All the permissions it request helps it to run smoothly on your device while being enabled to share what you want to. The latest version of the Bigo Live requires following permissions:

  • In-app Purchases
  • Retrieve Running Apps
  • Read Sensitive Log Data
  • Find Accounts On Your Device
  • Read Your Contacts
  • Approximate Location (network-based)
  • Precise Location (gps And Network-based)
  • Read Your Text Messages (sms Or Mms)
  • Receive Text Messages (sms)
  • Send Sms Messages
  • Read Phone Status And Identity
  • Access Usb Storage Filesystem
  • Read The Contents Of Your Usb Storage
  • Modify Or Delete The Contents Of Your Usb Storage
  • Read The Contents Of Your Usb Storage
  • Modify Or Delete The Contents Of Your Usb Storage
  • Take Pictures And Videos
  • Record Audio
  • View Wi-fi Connections
  • Read Phone Status And Identity
  • Receive Data From Internet
  • View Network Connections
  • Pair With Bluetooth Devices
  • Access Bluetooth Settings
  • Send Sticky Broadcast
  • Change System Display Settings
  • Connect And Disconnect From Wi-fi
  • Control Flashlight
  • Full Network Access
  • Change Your Audio Settings


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Core Features of Bigo Live App (Features of Bigo Live PC)

Bigo Live App (Bigo Live APK) offers an abundance of features to its users. Probably more than any other live video streaming app does hence, it’s no wonder why it is loved by so much of the audience. In summary, Bigo Live App is a fine blend of a live video streaming app and a instant social networking. It not only let you stream yourself or a video instantly, but, at the same time, it enables to interact with your fans, friends, and even unknown people in real time.

You can watch saved (streamed earlier) videos of random Bigo Livers, your favorite Bigo Live Stars, and of even your friends or in real-time. Moreover, you feel like a knack for showing off, you can start broadcasting your own video, garner fans all over the world and receive gifts.

Finding new people in your and other countries and inviting them to a live chat is another cool feature of Bigo Live that gives it a bit of a distinctive touch among other video calling apps. Let’s have a look at the main features of Bigo Live Apk:

  1. Instantly Go Live with Bigo Live App

Bigo Live flaunt itself as a platform for users who like to share great moments of their life with their friends, relatives, and even the entire world. Whether you are dancing in a pop club or eating a hamburger in one of those famous hole-in-the-wall eatouts in the New York City, you can go live with just one click on Bigo Live and share those moments with the people and audience that matters to you. Are you a spirited traveller or a shy singer? Then Bigo Live app is exactly for you.

This cool application is slowly becoming a solid platform for the ones who have unmatched talent and want to display it to the world. No matter what kind of talent you have, or what is it that makes you unique, Bigo Live offers you a platform to grow and gain respect in the eyes of talent hunters.

  1. Watch Live Streaming Videos that Interest You on Bigo Live

If you are not much of a show-offer, but still love to see what others are doing, then Bigo Live still have the perfect thing for you. As soon as you click the app’s icon on your phone, a large number of live streaming suggestions will appear in a mosaic form on your device’s display. Just tap on one and enjoy their live streaming activities with the first second.

  1. Ability for Multi-Guests to Go Live on Bigo Live

If you are bored by having just one-on-one video chat on Bigo Live, then you probably want to take an advance step. The application will let you create rooms with multiple (more than one) guests all having a conversation together. The multi-guest rooms can either be of video or audio types. You can invite your friends and other people to your multi-guest room and can hold a party or play games with them. Since, a lot of people can join these group chat, you will have more fun if you invite more friends.

  1. Match and Line on Bigo Live

You can match one of your friends in your LIVE, all by a random attempt or you can even invite a number of your friends to go live altogether. Don’t forget to take the excitement level on the final step with a PK.

  1. Find People Nearby on Bigo Live App

There are always great people in your locality. All you need to do is to find them, have a talk with them, and turn them into your friends or even more. Got the idea here? With Bigo Live App (Bigo Live apk) you can find interesting people near your home and can converse with them over an audio or video call.

  1. Unleash Your Gamer within with Bigo Live’s Live Gaming Streaming

Are you a born gamer? Do you think you are exceptionally good in one of these games: Counter Strike, Age of Empires, Call of Duty, MineCraft, Dota2, and FIFA? Then you have come to the right place with Bigo Live. While earlier your only gaming partner was your PC, now you can live stream your gaming on Bigo Live and thousands of people will watch it with utmost interest.

  1. Turn Your Virtual Gifts in Real Money in Bigo Live

Yes. If you are popular on Bigo Live, you will grow rich in the app. And when you become rich in the app and receive so many Beans as gifts from your fans, you can even exchange those beans to cash. If you are talented, then start your live streaming right now and increase the number of your fans and when they shower you with beans, go ahead, and turn them into real money.

How to Download Bigo Live App in Your Android Phone for Free

There are two ways you can download Bigo Live App. Both the methods, we are going to explain are quite simple and secure. And we strongly advise you to not to install the Apk file than any other third-party source or website than the following:

Method 1: Download the Bigo Live App from its official website (For Bigo Live PC as well).

Method 2: Download the App from Google Play Store (For Bigo Live PC as well).

Considering that your smartphone has more than 500 Mb of RAM, 200 Mb of Active device storage, and a solid internet connection, downloading the Bigo Live app from any of the methods below is not a big deal. Instead, all it requires is just one click.

Method 1 Explained: How to Download Bigo Live Apk from Official Website

  • Just open the homepage of Google and type Bigo Live (Bigo Live PC).
  • Now avoid all the ads displayed above
  • Look for its official website named
  • Click on the website’s Link
  • Find “App Download” Button in the top right corner if you want to download it for mobile devices.
  • Find “PC connector” if you are interested to connect the app with your PC.
  • Well, after “App Download”, Install it on your device. Then tap on the app icon and sign up with any of the given methods.


bigo live apk

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Method 2 Explained: Download on Google Play Store

  • Open the Google homepage and type Bigo Live (Bigo Live PC – for computer /laptop).
  • Avoid any displayed ad
  • Look for Play.Google.Com link
  • Click on the Link
  • Click on the “Install” as shown in the picture
  • Install it on your device. Then tap on the app icon and sign up with any of the given methods.


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I personally believe that world is evolving from ordinary social media. Technology is getting powerful with time and people are seeking a platform where they can do a lot more than what today’s social media platforms offer. They seek to show their talent to a whole new world, they want more alike people to connect with them, and they like to stay in the touch with the people who they find special and influential. Bigo Live app offers all these features to you, and all combined in just a tiny app.

Once you go live on Bigo Live (Bigo Live PC), you can see how many people are watching you live, who are sending you gifts (beans, golds, and hearts), and you can even figure out how much gold you have collected in one session. The reactions of your viewers tell a lot about their choices and you can take them into account to improve your next Live session. Best of luck for your first Live session.

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