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By | July 12, 2018

Simple Steps to Download Bigo Live Apk for Android & iPhone: In a span of just two years, Bigo Live mobile application has gained an immense amount of popularity. It was initially launched in the mid of March 2016 by The Bigo Technologies and since then its user base grew from zero to a staggering 200 million. Bigo Live is particularly getting popular among the population around the world.

Bigo Live Apk For Android , Bigo Live App For iPhone

People in USA and all over the world are using the Bigo Live Android Application to perform a number of tasks that include: connecting to new friends worldwide, live broadcasting to make friends globally, get beans from them, and convert those beans for free. The only difference between YouTube and Bigo Live app is – while on YouTube, you priorly shoot your video, edit it, and then it stays there forever. On the other hand, on Bigo Live app, you need to go live, start broadcasting, and show something to your friends which they find really interesting.

Bigo TV apk Download For Android enjoy live broadcasting

The economy of Bigo Live iPhone application is depend on the number of users buy in-app purchases, such as beans, diamonds and much more. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to win free beans as well.


In the Bigo Live app, there are a total of three types on in-app currencies – 1.) Diamonds 2.) Beans 3.) Coins. We have written a separate, detailed article describing what are diamonds, beans, and coins in the Bigo Live App, which is better, how to convert bigo live diamonds into beans, beans into coins, and coins into real money. For more knowledge, check out this article here.


Earlier, we have received queries from many active users on how to download Bigo Live Mobile Application for Android and iPhone. Hence, we have summarized the lengthy details into the following short steps:


Download Bigo Live for Android and Start Live Broadcasting ASAP

Bigo Live is a comparatively heavy mobile application. Therefore, it consumes significant amount of RAM, ROM, Camera, and more. These are the minimum specifications required in order to smoothly run it on your phone:


  1. Internet Connection: 3G/4G

Videos broadcasted on Bigo Live are often of high-quality. Hence, if you want your users to enjoy your broadcasting without buffering or any kind of interruption, then switch your internet connect to 3G/4G/4G VoLTE


  1. RAM: 2GB

Although, the Bigo Live application can run efficiently if your phone’s RAM is above 1GB, however, for a smooth functioning of all the features, experts recommend at least 2GB RAM.


  1. Phone Camera (Front): 5 Mega Pixels

Unless your video appears clear on your fan’s mobile screens, you might face a continuous rejection from your friends and fans. Low quality and blur video are engagement reducers and hence, one should use at least 5 megapixel (recommended: 8GB) front camera.


  1. Internal Storage: 400 MB

Bigo Live App takes space in your phone’s memory according to its model type, operating system, and hardware specifications. Initially and generally, the app uses up to 150 MB of space which may expand up to 400 MB after frequent uses.


User Levels in Bigo Live

User level is a type of appreciation reward which Bigo Technologies provides their user base after being loyal for a certain amount of time and performing some specific tasks. Know more about how to increase your Bigo Live User Level:


Level 1

You don’t have to do anything specific in order to attain this level as when you create an account, you already start with Level 1.


Level 2

To acquire level 2 in the application, a user must watch 50 live videos of broadcasters.


Level 3

If a user wants to be at the level 3 in the app, he/she is required to watch 100 live videos.

What to do if your bigo live account got blocked? Follow the instructions Unblock Blocked Bigo Live Account.

Here’s How You Can Download Bigo Live APK

There are two authentic ways to securely download Bigo Live APK for your Android phone. A user can directly visite the Bigo Live official website or can visit Google Play Store. Both the options are quick and secure. However, we recommend to download it from the Google Play Store as this option is slightly faster. Below, we’ve explained both the methods. Hence, read carefully.

Note: Avoid downloading Bigo Live App for Android from a third party website as there is a high chance of malware presence.

Direct Download Links

Bigo Live Apk


Bigo Live For Windows Bigo Live For Mac

Method 1: Download from Bigo Live Official Website

  • Go to
  • Type Bigo Live in the Search Box
  • Find website
  • Find ‘App Download’ option at the top right corner
  • Click on ‘App Download’

bigo live apk


Method 2: Download from Google Play Store

  • Visit
  • Type Play Storebigo live play store
  • Open the First Link –


  • In the Play Store Search, type Bigo Live

bigo live apk for android



  • Click on the Install Button and Install the App for Your Android

bigo live app for iphone


Bigo Live Video

Did you know bigo live app  is strict and with for not following their rules they can block your account? Make sure to follow rules to protect bigo live account.

Both the methods are genuine and will help you download the Latest Version of Bigo Live App for Android Devices. Upon the installation completion, the app will ask you to login. You can login through you Gmail id or the Facebook One. Later, you would be required to enter your account details such as name, gender, and date of birth. That’s pretty much you need to do initially. If you still find difficulties or problems in anything regarding Bigo Live App, then please mention them in the comments. We will resolve them as soon as possible.

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