Did You Know About These URLs to Get Free BigoLive Beans?

By | June 2, 2018 Did You Know About These URLs to Get Free BigoLive Beans? In today’s world, whether we are connected to our real life neighbors doesn’t seem to matter much. Because, a number of online social media platforms and messaging and live streaming mobile applications such as Bigo Live (Bigo Live PC) have given the population a way to connect with new people, make friends, stream live videos, manifest their talent and ultimately become popular over the internet.

It’s really astonishing that the user base of Bigo Live app has grown to more than a staggering 200 million. However, Bigo Live app not only gives you a chance to get recognized among a whole new audience, but, at the same time, that popularity enables you to earn quite a handsome sum of money in the process. freebigo url for free Beans and Tricks

Since the user base of Bigo Live is enlarging, the competition for new comers is continuously increasing. New users keep thinking about how to use Bigo Live, how to make money with Bigo Live, and how to become famous (getting more followers) on the app by broadcasting appealing videos quickly.

More population breeds more concerns to the developers of the app. According to a recent research, the core focus of Bigo Live developers in the first quarter of 2018, was to revamp its security so the data, information, and privacy of new users stay intact. If you look closely, the latest version of the app has beautified visuals, more features, and tight security measures.

However, with the new app at your dispatch, your chances to earn beans and make money with bigo live app has also increased. Moreover, many websites are offering free bigo live beans that could later be converted into money. We requested our staff to select those websites and enlist them for you. In this guide, we will be telling you about which URLs and websites could actually be trusted in order to get free beans. Remember, do not trust just any website. Here you go:

Which Website or URL Gives Free Bigo Live Beans? is one of the URLs to receive free Bigo live beans. According to our research, quite a few of our users have reported that the website is authentic and it can be trusted. However, we would really want to know your opinion about the URL as well.

How to Get More Views on my Bigo Live Broadcast?

The world is already stuffed with so much content. And people are fed up with garbage one. Hence, in order to be a respected and famous Bigo Live Broadcaster, you need to come up with fresh content that your fans find interesting. Ask these questions to yourself before broadcasting:

  • Am I looking good, trustworthy, and a professional?
  • Is my background interesting?
  • How many users would be interested in this of my topic?
  • When the most Bigo Live users are online?
  • Should I invite one of my friends to help?
  • Are my broadcasting videos informative or not?
  • Am I broadcasting on Bigo Live frequently?

These questions will help you grow a strong reputation among your friends. Slowly, more fans would know about you and they will wait to hear from you in your next Bigo Live broadcast.

Steps to Get Free Beans on the URL

The empire of Bigo Live app is based on the number of users join the platform. Hence, the developers make sure to keep up engaging users by giving surprise gifts and free beans that can later be converted into the money or cash. is another name in the efforts to reward such users with beans, recognition, and gifts.

To Avail the Free Beans and Diamonds You Need to Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1: Go to URL

Just copy and paste the URL in your URL bar over your web browser and wait for the website to load. If there’s a security warning, then click on Advance -> proceed anyway.


Step 2: Fill Your Details

The page will ask you to enter your Bigo Live Username, choose the type of your OS (Android or iOS) and to keep the ban button at the off.

Free Bigo Live Beans

Step 3: Select the amount of Beans and Diamonds You Want

From the given drop down lists, you need to select the amount of beans and diamonds you want to be added to your Bigo Live account.

Free Beans and Diamonds

Step 4: Click on Generate Now

By clicking on the create now button, the transfer process will start and the desired amount of beans and diamonds will be added to your original Bigo Live account. freebigo url for free Beans and Tricks

Step 5: Leave a Review

Your review can help other users to understand about the website. It helps as a trust building factor. Hence, by any means, don’t forget to enter your experience with website. Even we would love to hear about your honest opinion about the website. If you have a facebook account, putting a review will be a whole lot easier.

URLs to Get Free BigoLive Beans

So, that’s exactly how you can win free beans and diamonds for your Bigo Live account on the internet. If you find this guide helpful, please let us know about it in the comment. If you also want to have information about a certain issue or problem on Bigo Live app, please mention it also as in our next articles and guide, we will cover that. Thank you.

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