Unblock Your Blocked Bigo Live Account

By | July 12, 2018

If your Bigo Live account got banned [don’t worry ways to Unblock Blocked Bigo Live Account will be shared here] by a mistake or a false reporting, it is completely possible to unblock it. The primary reason behind an account getting blocked might be several, including showing nudity in your broadcast video, using unethical means to gain in-app currency i.e. beans and stars, or taking part in a public broadcast communication with abusing. 

Bigo Live Account Blocked? Unblock Blocked Bigo Live Account

Bigo Live strongly discourages the following conducts by its users:

  1. Nudity

Bigo Live is a vast, broadcasting app with users all around the world of different age and professions. The app was created with a prime purpose to let users manifest their talent, not nudity. Broadcasting nude content might turn out to be inappropriate for some users and hence, is prohibited.

  1. Abusing and Cursing

To maintain a friendly environment in the app Bigo Live has developed a facility to assign a certain number of moderators in a chat who have the power to block, kick out, and report a user who uses abuse and cursing in the chat.

  1. Unethical Means of Winning Beans

Third-party applications that claim to provide an unlimited amount of beans and stars are often fraudulent ones. If a user submits their account information on these websites, their info might get stolen and Bigo Live, in turn, will block those accounts.

4 Simple Steps to Unblock Your Blocked Bigo Live Account

It might be possible that your Bigo Live account has got banned (Protect Bigo Live Account) because of a reason that’s not stated above. In that case, to unblock Bigo Live account, you need to submit a ticket (application) to Bigo Live staff with a request for unblocking. We have mentioned below the step-by-step working guide for unblocking Bigo Live account [Simple ways to Unblock Blocked Bigo Live Account]. Please read it carefully and follow the steps in the order they have been written:

Step 1: Open Your Email ID

It doesn’t matter what kind of email service you are using from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other one, you can send your ‘account-unblock-query’ from any of the above. To do that, open your email account -> click compose -> put “Bigovip@bigo.tv” in the receiver field -> write “Request For Unblocking my Bigo Live Account”

unblock blocked Bigo Live account

Step 2: Submit Your Request

Mention the reason why do you think that blocking your Bigo Live Account was a mistake? Be descriptive with your words so the Bigo Live staff finds no difficulties in understanding your issue. Please also mention what measures would you take to secure your account in the future.

Step 3: Send and Wait for the Response

Click on the send button and wait for the staff’s reply mail until you get one. It usually takes 2 – 4 working days. If they find your reason as valid, there is a high chance that your account will get unblocked.

Step 4: Stay Away from Fraud and Abuse

After getting your Bigo Live account unblocked, it’s time for you to stay away from the unethical buzz. Don’t share your account information with a web service, friends, or family otherwise, your account might get into a serious ban once again.

These steps are simple and appropriate to unblock your banned Bigo Live account [Even on Bigo Live PC]. We would appreciate your comments to know whether it worked for you. If you are one of the people whom accounts were accidentally banned, kindly mention it below. We will look into the matter and offer you the right suggestions.

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